is an online news provider with a desire to bring transparency and accountability to one City in particular: Nauvoo, Illinois.

The amount of information that is available requires in-depth analysis, investigation, and reporting.  That is the role of openNAUVOO.

While there have been numerous claims that transparency exists, those who attempt to utilize this principle to become informed, have been frustrated. This has a direct effect on the social and business climate in Nauvoo.  Too many businesses have failed, and because of the business climate in Nauvoo, new businesses do not fill in the gap.  This climate is determined in large part by the City government (with support from the Chamber of Commerce, we hope).

Every community in the Midwest has faced a similar economy, every little town in Illinois deals with State government uncertainty, but those who thrive are those who provide an open, inviting environment to new business.  Welcoming newcomers with new ideas, new capital, and new experience is important.

Bringing new businesses and families to Nauvoo is a matter of trust.  They are investing their capital, and lives, in this City we love.  They do so hoping that they will be supported, encouraged, and heard.

With transparency, there are issues that may become visible.  It is the intention of openNAUVOO to bring accountability.  Through exposure, application of relevant statutes and laws, and where necessary to compel accountability through law enforcement and the courts.

We have been involved in the publishing business for many years, as a newspaper publisher, magazine publisher, book publisher, editor, and director.  Memberships include: Online Media Association, and Investigative Reporters and Editors.

Robert Wright, Owner, Publisher, Editor, and Investigator