At the conclusion of our last article, I had just met with the State Police regarding the Statements of Economic Interest that we feel were not filled out truthfully.

First, we have to thank the Illinois State Police Investigators of Zone 4 for the time (over two hours to review all the material) they gave us.  They listened, showed concern, provided insight, and were very helpful.  They have a tough job, dealing with a lot of difficult situations. They were great.

I received a call on 2 May 2017 from the State’s Attorney in Hancock County, Jason Pohren.  When he called, he had the two Illinois State Police Investigators in his office, and was calling to give me an update.  A great courtesy.

As he informed me, and you can review his bio here yourself, Mr. Pohren previously was employed by the City of Nauvoo, both as a part-time police officer, and then as a Training Officer. This, coupled with the fact that, in that capacity, if a crime did in fact occur, he “could have been a witness to a crime” (not knowingly I am absolutely confident), which would mean he would not be the person to investigate this issue due to the potential conflict of interest.

There was also discussion about the amount at stake, but I assured him that $10,000 was every bit as important to a citizen of Nauvoo, as $300,000 is to a citizen in Chicago.  In fact, the individual impact in Nauvoo would be more significant.

He encouraged me, that if I had someone at Lisa Madigan’s (the Illinois Attorney General’s) office, I should call them. So, on Tuesday I called David Navarro, the Chief of Public Integrity Unit of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.  We have spoken in the past, and on Wednesday he returned my call.  It was an informative call, and he assured me that Mr. Pohren knows the process to follow to refer a case that may have a conflict, to his office. He has done so in the past. It’s now up to Mr. Pohren to notify the Attorney General’s Office officially.


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