September 12, 2017
7:30 P.M.

  1. Meeting called to order and roll call:
  2. Approval of minutes from previous and/or special meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report (Council Approval)
  4. Auditing and Acting on Accounts
    1. Council Approval-Payment of Bills and Accept Audit Sheets and Payroll:
  5. Standing Committee Reports
    1. Finance & Personnel Committee:
      1. Discuss & Take Action on the Following Recommendations and/or Expenditures of Funds:
        1. Follow up on Tax Bill at Old School
        2. Hiring Bryton Hopp as Part Time Officer
    2. Planning Commission
    3. Streets, Buildings & Grounds Committee:
      1. Discuss & Take Action on Building/Demo/Sign/Roof Permits & Site Plan Reviews:
    4. Water & Sewer Committee:
    5. Library Report
    6. Economic Development Committee:
      1. Discuss & Take Action on the Following:
        1. Corrected Welcome to Nauvoo Business Incubator Packet:
    7. Hotel/Motel Tax Governing Board Committee:
      1. Discuss & Approve Recommendations
    8. Police Report
  6. Mayor’s Correspondence & Report:
    1. Approval of Recommendations and/or Expenditure of Funds:
  7. Attorney’s Report:
  8. Old Business & Tabled Items:
    1. Discuss & Take Possible Action on Vicki Andrus – Splash Pad in City Park or other location:
    2. Discuss & Take Action on 2nd Reading of Ordinance 2017-8 to Collect Service Provider Fess from Mediacom Illinois LLC with possible waiver of 3rd readings.
  9. New Business:
    1. Discuss & Take Action on Proposal from Nauvoo Facilities Management to Repave Parley Street from Warsaw to Durphy:
    2. Discuss & Take Action on Stossel Ordinance Violation Fine:
    3. Discuss & Take Action on new Public Spaces Building Committee Appointments:
    4. Discuss & Take Action on Mayoral Appointment to Economic Development Committee:
    5. Discuss & Take Action on Center Stage Music Request for Use of Former School Building for Haunted House During Pumpkin Walk:
    6. Discuss & Take Action on Request for Pumpkin Walk:
    7. Discuss & Take Possible on Ripley Street Survey/Nauvoo Family Inn & Suites Property:
    8. Discuss & Take Possible Action on Hotel/Motel Board Recommended Changes to Ordinance 2017-7 (Section 4, 2-2(f))
    9. Discuss-Alderman Reynolds – Number of Nightly Rentals and Possible Limit:
    10. Discuss & Take Action 1st Reading of 2017-9 Repealing and Reenacting with Amendments, Title 5, Chapter 3 of the City Code Concerning Groundwater Use within the City:
    11. Discuss & Take Action on Donation for Hunger Drive:
    12. Other New Business (for discussion only)
    13. Special Meeting September 26, 2017?:
  10. Executive Session: Personnel & Possible Pending Litigation:
    1. Other:
  11. Audience to Visitors
  12. Adjourn