Illinois School District Consolidation Provides Path to Efficiency, Lower Tax Burdens

The full report from Illinois Policy is available on their website.

Some of the details of this report:

“Rather than punish Illinois residents with more tax hikes, the state and local governments must pursue reforms including pension reform and school district consolidations. Local taxpayers shouldn’t be on the hook for multiple layers of government that duplicate services, waste taxpayers’ money, increase government debt, and decrease transparency.

“The numbers speak for themselves: More than 60 percent of local property taxes in Illinois go toward school funding. And with the large number of districts in Illinois ripe for consolidation, the financial benefit cannot be ignored.”

This report does the analysis and shows the savings that can result (between $700 and $1,000 per student in the classroom).  Perhaps an alternative to an additional sales tax that should be considered.

Executive Summary:


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