Agenda for EDC meeting 4 Oct 2017
Committee: Eugene Shurts, Larry Nicholl, Chuck Gilbert, John McCarty, Mellissa Smith Don Griffiths Jeff Christensen and Brandon Motley

Motion to approve minutes of 6 Sep2017

Old business 

  1. General any items for discussion about the Old School – as needed.
    1. Pumpkin Walk – borrow tables and chairs for food court on Barnett St.
    2. items for discussion from Mellissa.
  2. Demographic study review status.

New business

  1. Nauvoo infrastructure – discuss needs.
    1. Do people know what Internet Service is currently available?
    2. What internet service do we need to attract businesses?
    3. What can we do to get better cell phone service/signals?
    4. How do we convince Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile & Sprint to provide better service?
  1. Begin the process of seeking out and encouraging new companies to set up business in Nauvoo by reviewing, implementing or developing a plan using the following:
    1. Nauvoo’s Comprehensive plan – created in 2009 –see /
    2. Mapping the Future of Your Community Oct 2009
    3. Holly Dougherty Memo dated August 14th 2017 –see email
    4. How does the Chamber of Commerce promote small home business (Nauvoo Handicrafts) – see Larry Nicholl email.

Note: Please reference at least two web sites that list Economic Development plans:

Audience input:

Motion to close the meeting


Next meeting: 1 Nov 2017, 12 Noon at City Hall