It’s unclear who created the form being used by the Tourism Board to collect these fees, but it appears to be simply an edited version of the one used by the City in collection of actual Hotel Motel Taxes from operators within the City of Nauvoo, as allowed by City and State law.

Below is the Form utilized by the Hotel Motel Board to collect Promotional Fees from nightly stay providers located outside the City Limits. Note that payments are required to be made payable to the “Nauvoo Tourism Office“, not the City of Nauvoo. They are required to be mailed to “Nauvoo Tourism Office, PO Box 500, Nauvoo, IL 62354,” not to the City of Nauvoo, or its address.

City and State law require that any payments collected by the City, be made to the City, at the City’s office or address, and to the City Treasurer. (See “Who May Receive Payments for the City?“)

A review by the new Hotel Motel Board, and the City Council, of this process, and an audit of funds received would seem to be warranted. We requested (in April of 2017) records related to the collection of these fees, but have not yet received the information requested. This is an element of the Court Complaint which is currently underway in Hancock County Court. The City has requested that this complaint be dismissed.

Additional review would be wise to ensure compliance with current State and City ordinances related to the Hotel Motel Board, which restrict activities by the City’s Hotel Motel Board to promotion efforts within the municipality.



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