June 7, 2018

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Approval of Minutes
4. Old Business
5. Tourism Director’s Report – Interim status
6. Tourism Office & Director-Attending Travel Shows & Conferences, Introduction of Ronnie Fox, other office related matters
7. Marketing- Doors Open Illinois, and other marketing including Marketing Specs for a marketing firm and what we should or do expect from any firms. Matt Von Trapp Marketing Presentation
8. Other Matters
9. Public Comments
10. Executive Session (if needed)
11. Adjourn


Tourism Director’s Report
June 7, 2018

• Specific email requests for Nauvoo information by visitors answered in May -21
• Visitor information packets sent out through the mail – 8 (1000 brochures sent to Mormon Heritage Assn)
• Visitors greeted and signed in at the office up through today -106+ (some did not sign the guest book)
• Phone calls – too many to count
• Handouts created to help visitors – 2

Upcoming Dates:
• May 14-June 15 – “ldignauvoo” event – Big week is June 3-9
• June 5 – Historic Nauvoo Public Affairs Meeting
• June 9 – New Fairy Doors Event kicks off in Nauvoo – Kathy Schoeni, Chair
• June 11 – Mid American Coaches Step on tour in Nauvoo
• June 13 – SET (Stronger Economies Together) — Trails Planning meeting – Carthage
• June 15- Nauvoo Historic Tours App Demo with Denny Henson
• June 23 – Sharon’s Tourism contract ends
• Pageant starts July 10 and runs through August 4

Events/meetings we have been a part of:
• May 9 – Mayor John McCarty, community members and I met with Victoria Bradford about 2019 “Relay of Voices -The Great River Run” event coming through Nauvoo next summer
• May 10 -Welcome to Nauvoo Chamber Night Event-6:30 p.m. – replaced bus tours
• May 11 – A Familiarity (FAM) Tour – a group of 5 magazine editors from Germany came here on May 11 through early May 12 and were given VIP treatment by Acting Tourism Director
• May 25 – Kick off for the Historic Nauvoo entertainment
• May 28 – Nauvoo Memorial Day picnic
• June 5 – Carthage Community Round Table Meeting – reported on upcoming Nauvoo events

Discussion items:

  • 20 Temple missionary couple volunteers were trained and each couple helped in the tourism office 2 different
    times in May. This effort combined with having the intern in the office starting May 21st allowed the tourism office
    to be open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the number of visitors greeted and helped reflect
    this. A big thank you to Sister Holm, the rep from the temple over the temple volunteers. Other community
    volunteers are Robby Barlow, Ruth Griffith and Alan Moberly.
  • I have been writing articles for Tourism Office in the See Nauvoo News
  • I have met and talked to Daily Democrat reporter, Jeff Hunt and given him many story leads
  • I rewrote the Tourism section for the Demographic Study being done by Economic Development Committee
  • Tourism office brochures have been organized and well maintained by volunteers – Chamber brochures have
    been placed in most of the businesses and hotel rooms in town by our volunteers – Revised Brochures will be
    ready to go to print in 2 weeks – should the chamber have one and the tourism have their own? because of the
    differences in those places and businesses we are promoting?
  • Who has notified the accommodations outside the municipality that the city no longer approves promoting
    accommodations outside the municipality? Are some still paying?
  • Information Booth City reader board on the Highway on the east side needs to be redone. Lee Noe’s suggested
    new look and my suggestions – see handout
  • As one of their partners, someone should attend the Looking for Lincoln Steering Committee Council Meeting –
    June 27th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Riverbank Lodge, Petersburg, IL., 522 S. 6th St. Petersburg, IL – mileage? 89 miles
  • Should the Chamber break off of the website and do their own? City Council meeting –
    Chamber Bylaws vs. Tourism City Ordinance. The City Attorney will be giving her input next week.
  • KHQA marketing offer – Nathan Shull, Sales Rep. – piggyback on the strong Pageant marketing this time of year
  • Intern, Ronnie Fox started May 21st and will be here through the 17th of August- will need someone to oversee his program
  • Guidelines for closing out my position in the Tourism office

Possible Board Approval Items:
• My final receipts and send to finance committee for repayment
• Travel Shows
• New Reader Board
• Attending meetings – with mileage