Published Agenda:

Committee: Eugene Shurts, Larry Nicholl, Chuck Gilbert, Melissa Smith, Don Griffiths, John McCarty & Brandon Motley.

Approval/correction minutes of 3 May 2017.

New business

  1. Tanya Juhasz to discuss use of suite 210 with committee – her “Nauvoo Dance and Fitness” contract.
  2. Ruth Martin & Barton Golding to discuss use of Suite 140.
  3. Rekeying the building.
  4. Requiring band and orchestra agreements to be drafter, each having his own proof of insurance, and all documents for the City Clerk [I have scheduled them for July]
  5. Gathering an up-to-date list of commercial properties available in Nauvoo for prospective businesses.

Old business

  1. Use of public spaces – written guidlines.  Larry Nicholl input for your review from last meeting.  Larry asks this to table until the July meeting.
  2. Managing the School property – written guidelines for tenants use of school – “Managing the School Property”, Don & Mellissa. This should be the major topic of our meeting.
    • Requiring background checks for tenants-paid for out of their deposits (I want to include this in the packets.
    • 90 application timeline for packets, all paperwork to be destroyed after 90 days of submission with the City Clerk (ie: removal of Matt Cobb documents)
  3. Mark Stringer’s Art & Woodcraft Business has decided not use the space requested.
  4. School Diagram is inaccurate Gene unable to complete at this time.
  5. Brandon Motley contract – Mayor McCarty to discuss with him.
  6. Update from Chuck on Utility pricing – unable to obtain square footage place on agenda for July.

Audience input:

Next Meeting: 5 July 2017 12 Noon City Hall

NOTE: The Committee voted to add a special meeting on June 21, 2017 at noon at City Hall.