Mayor McCarty made several comments earlier in the year related to the number of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests the City had been receiving lately.  He said “the City has received more FOIA requests in the last 3 months than in the last 10 years.”  A request was submitted to the City to receive copies of all FOIA requests for the last 10 years to verify this statement, and to see what the concerns have been in the past.

There have been 17 FOIA requests submitted to the City (as well as clarifications associated with those 17 requests). (Although one additional 2017 FOIA request is not reflected in these numbers).

4 of them are in 2017

13 of them were prior to 2017

So, the statement is not correct.  Far more have been received previously.

In fact in 2010, 5 requests were received related to the Hotel-Motel Board (which is the most common topic of request), and many requests have been related to TIF through the years.



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