This is the chain of documents related to the FOIA request submitted to the City of Nauvoo on 27 February 2017.  Word was that there had been requests made to the City (using the FOIA process) that had resulted in a refusal to provide the documents requested.  Specifically the contract of the Tourism Director.  There was no reason to believe there is anything explosive, or troublesome in this contract.  But it seemed unusual that it would be denied.  After contacting the Illinois Attorney General ‘s office to determine if it was a public record, and being assured that if the City held this document, it must be provided, a request was prepared.

In a recent meeting several individuals in city government had assured those present that contracts for the city were put out for bid, but no evidence could be found of it in the publication the city uses for all other public announcements.  So,this was included in the FOIA request.

Concern about receiving the contract that had been denied others, expanded the request to include the minutes of the Hotel/Motel Board where this contract would have been discussed.  This request was submitted, including the relevant statutes, and was denied.  Although some of the documents were received, (See Here) including most of the Hotel/Motel Board minutes (the only exception identified so far are the three meetings related to the contract in question).

Documents received will be posted.

Notice in the response the items that were not provided, and no reason given (expense reports in particular).

This has been referred to the Attorney General’s Office for review.


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