The FY2019 budget is scheduled for discussion in the April 10, 2018 City Council Meeting. We received a copy today, and it has been posted online.  There is much to consider, with not much time to do so. The budget does exceed last years budget in terms of spending. Last years budget proposed a whopping  $2,154,495.00 in spending, while this year the proposal is for spending of $2,159,745.00. Not as significant a jump as the FY2017-FY2018 budget increase.

We encourage everyone to attend this evening, and ask questions. Our previous article, “Citizen Participation in Budgeting” outlined the benefits of soliciting citizen involvement and input. Our hope is that questions will be taken seriously, considered, and changes made where necessary. This budget represents over $2,000 in spending for every man, woman and child in Nauvoo, once again.

Employee salaries, water and sewer, police and the library represent the lion’s share of spending. But individual details are not available for review in this proposed budget. All account categories are represented in the aggregate, so evaluation of specific spending is not possible. Only questions asked of the City Council will provide this information.


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