The week of August 7th, 2017, could turn out to be a very significant one for Nauvoo.  The Nauvoo City Council Meeting Tuesday night, August 8th will be particularly ground-breaking, as the City determines how the Attorney General’s opinion relating Hotel Motel “Board” figures in the grand scheme of Nauvoo City government.  The opportunity exists for the City Council to set a new tone for public involvement in general, as well as a new direction for tourism in particular. We are hopeful that this meeting will bring new focus and excitement to tourism discussions, economic development,  and the benefits they bring to Nauvoo. In addition, it could lead to broader discussions about fiscal responsibility, and accountability.

The agenda is posted here on openNAUVOO, and includes other items for discussion, including:

  • New Hotel Motel ordinances
  • New Tourism Director contract
  • New fees for Mediacom Cable
  • Professional Services agreement with the Mayor’s company, Outlaw Tee’s.
  • New Chief of Police appointment

We will try to gather additional information on the new resolutions, and ordinances prior to the meeting Tuesday evening and post what we can here on openNAUVOO.

This meeting will be streamed live on the openNauvoo facebook page.

This week will also include the court hearing on the complaint regarding failure to comply with multiple FOIA requests (which still have not been fully complied with). This hearing is August 9th at 10am in the County Courthouse in Carthage.


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