March 13, 2018 was a big night for Nauvoo City. The City Council meeting featured a number of items. The Tourism Director contract was extended (with a mixed mention of “contractor” and “salary” and “hiring”) for another 90 days. The hourly rate for City Employees was increased by 3%, and the City Collector and Treasurer was increased by an additional $1/hr each . Although a list of reasons was presented, the emphasis seemed to be on the number of hours required to reply to FOIA requests (an additional article is being prepared outlining all the costs associated with failing to comply with FOIA). The City Council also voted to hire a professional firm to manage TIF, which is great news, and the unused volume cap funds were transferred to WIEDA (please review the City Attorney’s explanation in the meeting, and then read our article for clarification).

The big draw for the night was obviously the LDS Church’s Historic Sites presentation. Largely well received, it did solicit a number of questions from the Council and the citizens in attendance.

View the entire meeting here.


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  • Tom Bailey

    It was an interesting meeting to say the least. Especially at the end where the mayor got in his digs toward the Church. But the 5 year plan is likely going to mean some positive adjustments which in this case will be a good thing I believe.

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