Attorney General: Further Action is Warranted on County Board Meeting

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As we previously reported, the Hancock County Board held a meeting on March 20, 2018 without properly posting the agenda, and discussing and deciding on issues not properly advertised. We filed a request with the Illinois Attorney General to review the situation on March 21, 2018. We learned today that the Attorney General’s office decided that our request deserves further action. They have not given the County Board 7 Days to respond.

They have asked the Board to provide copies of the notice, agenda and meeting minutes for the meeting. They have also asked for clarification of who maintains the Board’s website. We verified with the County Clerk on March 21st, that it is maintained by the County Treasurer (a full-time employee). In addition, our review of the site on March 20, 2018 clearly stated that there were “No Upcoming Meetings Scheduled”.

As stated before, our desire is that the public have the opportunity to comment before a new State’s Attorney is appointed for Hancock County. The previous State’s Attorney stated that he had a conflict of interest in pursuing cases that involved the City of Nauvoo due to his prior employment with the City. We are aware of cases that were investigated by State Police, referred to the State’s Attorney and should have been referred to the Special Prosecutor’s Office, due to conflicts. We requested copies of these official referrals today.

We are also aware of other cases involving public safety, and protection of children, that have not been prosecuted during his tenure as State’s Attorney. The Board should be made aware of all of these issues, and determine what position the new State’s Attorney would take, prior to making any appointment. This should all be done with the public’s involvement. The outcome may be that same as the previous meeting, but the process should not be.

We look forward to providing further information on this case.