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Nauvoo Community Center Proposed Site Plans

The site plans and renderings were presented at the City Council Meeting on November 14. 2017. The Council approved moving forward with creating a group to begin fund raising. Projected budget is between $3-4 Million Dollars. The Mayor reaffirmed that no city funds would be used in the construction. The Council approved a two-year time […]

Nauvoo Hotel Motel Board Promotional Fees

It’s unclear who created the form being used by the Tourism Board to collect these fees, but it appears to be simply an edited version of the one used by the City in collection of actual Hotel Motel Taxes from operators within the City of Nauvoo, as allowed by City and State law. Below is […]

A Response to Mayor’s Correspondence Comment

In the most recent City Council Meeting (October 10, 2017), the Mayor referred to a letter from the Attorney General’s Office. He said the letter found the City had complied with a recent FOIA request we submitted and he used it as an opportunity to congratulate the City FOIA Officer for her performance. This letter […]

Nauvoo Residents Beware: IRS IMPERSONATION SCAM

Residents of Nauvoo have been receiving calls from individuals impersonating Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employees. They use the threat of arrest to obtain money from victims by falsely representing that the victims owe back taxes or other fees. The perpetrators demand that the victims send them money via iTunes cards, other prepaid debit cards, money orders, or wire transfers […]

City Still Pressing to Dismiss Complaint

The City Attorney has filed another request to dismiss, this time on behalf of the City (the last request was on behalf of Carol McGhgy as Nauvoo City FOIA Officer). The City’s request, and our response are below.     City Motion’s to Dismiss: Response to City Motion to Dismiss:  

A New Hotel-Motel Tax Board

We’ll let the meeting speak for itself. We encourage all our readers to watch the meeting. Like all good movies, don’t leave early. The discussion about the Tourism Director’s evaluation continues in the Finance & Personnel Meeting held shortly after, and also available below.


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