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Nauvoo Fire Department Unfairly Attacked

On January 11th, we received a call from the Nauvoo Fire Department Chief, Dan Gallaher. He had been notified by concerned citizens, of public attacks being made against the Nauvoo Fire Department by a local citizen (Wendy Denton), on Facebook. He asked if we could verify the statements being made. A search of the Facebook […]

Happy 2018 Nauvoo!

The first City Council meeting of the new year is this evening at 7:30pm at the Nauvoo City Hall. As many of you, we took some time to enjoy our family and friends this holiday season. It’s now time to extend that circle and include everyone in Nauvoo. This year can be a great year […]

Hotel Motel Board Special Meeting Cancelled

At the November 9th, 2017 Hotel Motel Board Meeting, after some discussion to find a time mutually agreeable to all members, the Board unanimously voted to hold a special meeting on November 28th at 1pm. This meeting was to discuss a plan for moving forward with the Board in light of the “resignation” of the […]

Nauvoo Community Center Proposed Site Plans

The site plans and renderings were presented at the City Council Meeting on November 14. 2017. The Council approved moving forward with creating a group to begin fund raising. Projected budget is between $3-4 Million Dollars. The Mayor reaffirmed that no city funds would be used in the construction. The Council approved a two-year time […]

Nauvoo Hotel Motel Board Promotional Fees

It’s unclear who created the form being used by the Tourism Board to collect these fees, but it appears to be simply an edited version of the one used by the City in collection of actual Hotel Motel Taxes from operators within the City of Nauvoo, as allowed by City and State law. Below is […]

A Response to Mayor’s Correspondence Comment

In the most recent City Council Meeting (October 10, 2017), the Mayor referred to a letter from the Attorney General’s Office. He said the letter found the City had complied with a recent FOIA request we submitted and he used it as an opportunity to congratulate the City FOIA Officer for her performance. This letter […]


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